Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dear Sleep.....I miss you

So we have been in a new "phase" at the Stevenson household. And by phase that's just what I call something new when I have no clue what the hell is happening. The phase I speak of is Gavin and his sleeping, or lack there of! Let me back it up.... By 6 weeks old he was sleeping through the night, around 9 or 10pm until 5:30am. This went on until he was about 6 1/2 months old. I of course assumed this was just normal behavior for babies, either that or I lucked out with a baby who loves sleep as much as his mom. Apparently I was mislead.

For the last roughly 2 months things have COMPLETELY changed with his sleeping. Yes, I understand that babies just change on a dime, but that leaves me little comfort at 3am! At first I would of course just go in and rock him, usually getting him back down and sometimes that would be enough for the rest of the night, sometimes not.

For the last few weeks he has been up literally EVERY 1-2 hours at night! It's like having a newborn again, except I don't have any of that "post-pregnancy-mommy-adrenaline" left over. So over the last weekish I have been working on the old cry it out method. I tried this out a few months ago, and quickly discovered it was not for me, but some time has passed, he's a little older now, and quite frankly I am at my wits end - so we are giving it another whirl.

I would like to this we are making some progress, and I think we are, last night we managed to go make it all night only waking up once which was a HUGE feat! But now we are having some issues with going down for naptime, which we have never had a problem with! I swear this mommy stuff is no freaking joke! It is so mentally and physically exhausting sometimes, and my lack of sleep does not help matters.

Another thing (maybe a little tmi but oh well) Why does no one talk about post pregnancy periods?!?! Maybe I'm the only one, but HOLY CRAP! I've only had a couple so far (still breastfeeding) but I have not only been breaking out like a 14 girl....but the mood swings and hormones are out of control. On one hand my cramps seem to be better, but I'm so weepy and emotional! I guess it was a good thing Carter has been out of town for the past few days so he could avoid the trainwreck that is his wife :)

I suppose this is all just normal new mommy stuff, but when you are in the trenches it's a little hard to gain perspective sometimes! So wish me luck that Gavin sleeps well tonight....and that my pms goes away before the hubby gets home :)

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